Game Design

The Inner Workings

Games, whether tangible or digital, require a lot of attention. Everything from designing their mechanics to their balance and even aesthetic require a multitude of design choices. In the end, they formulate something truly phenomenal.



Lead Producer and Art Director

VeilStrider is a late addition to my list of passion projects. Its design is meant to integrate both card-based and tabletop elements into a simple yet exhilarating experience.

In its early stages, I focused on designing its mechanics and overall rulings. Things like how randomly generated each expansion should be, its modular components, game length, and combat systems.

While still in development, there are currently two versions of its components that have been drafted, each one accommodating for issues discovered in their playtest stages. This project is still ongoing, therefore this page will regularly be updated, along with any further developments associated with this game.

I hope you look forward to the progression of this new experience and whole-heartedly look forward to sharing it with the world upon its completion.

Please note: Any and all work here is subject to change and may or may not appear in its final production.

Everything Starts with a Draft

The first draft of VeilStrider was, for all intensive purposes, bland. Simple white cardstock stand-ins to test the most important part of any game: the mechanics.

Aesthetic Production

Design goes deeper than just its functionality. Its about layout, legibility, and logic. Having cohesive elements with thematic flare are what make a game both memorable and immersive.